TOP 5 things your guests notice while inside your home..

Holidays can be overwhelming and having family over can be daunting! Luckily, having a clean house can certainly take a huge load off of your back.

  1. EXCESSIVE DUST: Lets face it, dust is definitely an eye catcher and a good way to show guest that you've been putting off cleaning duties.

  2. DIRTY FLOORS: Whether its carpet or hardwood, its not hard to predict the last time your floors were given a little TLC. Besides, there’s nothing worse than walking around without shoes and feeling like you’re stepping on bread crumbs or wax.

3. FILTHY BASEBOARDS: If you aren't cleaning your baseboards frequently, chances are they’re covered in animal hairs, dirt particles, insects and even old spills.

4. URINE SMELL IN BATHROOM: Did someone say ammonia? The last thing any guest wants is to walk in your bathroom and smell the reeking scent of urine. Luckily, this can be fixed rather easily with a little cleaning.

5. PET HAIR: There’s nothing we love more than our fur babies for sure, however, pet hair on furniture can send off the wrong signal to guests.